Red Line Water Wetter Coolant Additive 355ml Bottle

Red Line Water Wetter Coolant Additive 355ml Bottle
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Redline Water Wetter is a unique agent for cooling systems that doubles the wetting ability of water which Improves heat transfer and reduces cylinder head temperature.
Rust and corrosion protection allows for use of straight water in racing or reduced antifreeze levels in warm climates. Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barrier that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 20°. Red Line WaterWetter will provide the proper corrosion inhibition for all common cooling system metals.
Redline Water Wetter is used in all our race applications to reduce engine tempretures in conditions is matters most, on track. 
One bottle will treat 13.2 to 15.9 litres.

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